Bubba Grouch are some of the most creative and talented people I have ever met!  I'm not kidding!  They have the "it" factor in every single way.  They are a phenomenal band as a whole, but also have the charm and personality to back their cause.   It's the small things in life that go the longest ways.  Bubba Grouch knows how to make each of their fans feel special, including me!  I can't stress enough how impressed I am with this entire band as musicians, and as people.  I'm a HUGE fan!  ” - Lindsay Klein


Bubba Grouch is one of the best bands I've seen in a long time.  Their hard hitting yet melodic songs grab your attention and make you want more.  Tough as nails and nice as can be, the boys in Bubba Grouch are some of the best musicians you will find and truly love what they do.  If you're looking for a top notch act without a top notch ego, look no further then the boys in Bubba Grouch.” - John Patterson - Event Coordinator

Meadowlands State Fair

North Jersey Notes: Bubba Grouch, King’s X, Crobot and More! —by Tim Louie, April 1, 2015 (Photo by Manny Cabo – cabonoirphotography.com) So, my bros from The Dirty Stayouts are back at Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ this Saturday night (4/4) for Mike Logue’s Birthday Bash. The thing is I’ve never heard of this other band on the bill, but they have a pretty cool name and they’re from lovely Succasunna, NJ. The name of the band is Bubba Grouch, and they have something cool going on musically. They’re definitely a rock band, but their Southern flair is so strong that I want to put them in the country rock category. You know what? Whatever! It is music and it’s good! I listened to “Whiskey Song,” “No Drama” and a song called “That Girl” off of their latest CD, Tin Whiskers, while I wrote this week’s column, and I didn’t have the itch to turn it off once. Trust me, there are some CDs where I listen to 30 seconds and I’m done. Not here! According to their bio, Bubba Grouch formed back in 2009 when guitarist Jimi Alan and singer Eddie Territo were still members of the local hard rock band, Our Black Friday, featuring my bro Scott Williams. Jimi and Eddie’s chemistry was undeniable and the two quickly became friends and have been writing music together ever since. After their departure from Our Black Friday, the two wrote and recorded more than 20 demos worth of songs. They finally decided that the time was right to put together some quality musicians to bring their music to life. In February 2012, they found those quality musicians in bassist Tim McDermott, guitarist Greg Forgey and drummer Ross Kantor. Bubba Grouch would spend most of 2012 and 2013 rehearsing and refining the songs live before heading into the recording studio to begin work on their debut CD, Tin Whiskers, which was released by way of Soul Tree Records on July 4, 2013. You can’t get any more American than that! In early 2014, bassist Tim McDermott needed to exit the band due to life taking over, and a longtime friend and musical partner of Eddie’s, Jason Miller, agreed to dust off his Rickenbacker and come out of retirement to hold down the bottom end for Bubba Grouch. Bubba Grouch has since been performing all over New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania promoting their CD Tin Whiskers, which is definitely worth the listen. I was always a fan of Eddie’s voice in Our Black Friday. I honestly didn’t even realize it was him until I read the band’s bio. So, I’m glad to see that Eddie and Jimi are still rocking! Check them out this Saturday (4/4) at Dingbatz with The Dirty Stayouts. For more info on Bubba Grouch, visit bubbagrouch.com.  ” - Tim Louie

The Aquarian Weekly

This week's band Is servin' up some rock music with a "down home" twang... and a political message. "Wrong Is Wrong" Is Bubba Grouch's response to the current state of our nation as they see it. And while their political message isn't sugarcoated or disguised by any means, "Wrong Is Wrong" is still a song you can move and groove to, thanks to the band's skillful balance of Musicality and Message. I love this song because it's catchy and has a great vibe. But more Importantly, this song is brimming with emotion. It's honest, and it's undeniable that each band member is playing and singing from his heart.  ” - Madysin Hatter

Steppin' Out Magazine

Oh yeah, baby! Let’s combine good ol’ kick-ass no-bullshit rock’n’roll, season it with a generous helping of lowdown gritty blues, and do it all hot’n’tasty with a delicious extra Southern-fried twang. The drawling vocals are robust and rousing, the guitars deliver a steady succession of great greasy riffs, the basslines supply a strong gutty undertow, and the drums pulverize with a plethora of huge meaty beats. Moreover, the grooves are every bit as thick, yummy, and deep diggin’ as they ought to be. To sum up, this honey seriously smokes in no uncertain terms.” - Joe Wawrzyniak