1. No Drama

From the recording Tin Whiskers


No Drama
Keep the conversation light, I’ll cling to every word you say,
But if you start to get too deep, I’ll be a million miles away,
That’s right, No Drama
You’re crazy baby if you think I’m trying to play you,
You’ve got exactly what I’m looking for
No drama momma let’s just keep this simple
I guarantee that I’ll be back for more- yeah
Leave your demons in the past, So far away and long ago,
And keep your baggage at arm’s length, ‘cause I may need some room to grow
That’s right, No Drama
You’re funny honey when you tease me in the morning
Don’t ever think that I don’t know the score
No Drama Momma stop apologizing
Cause you’ve got nothing to be sorry for
No stress, No Mess, No Second Guess
I love my life this way- No Drama