1. Ragamuffin

From the recording Ragamuffin


She gave me nothing like a big fat runaround
I tried to keep my head up but she let me down
She wanna see me in a box but I got away
And now I hear she's been crying in her wine but it don't mean nothin'
'Cause what you gonna do? You gotta play with the cards that are dealt to you
I had a chuckle when I saw her just the other day
She's looking like a hot mess in a dress, She's a real Ragamuffin
Yeah, That's right. Some lucky lounge Casanova's gonna take her home
Oh yeah - Raggamuffin Girl
I tell you she was quite a looker in her better days
But now she's bummin' cause her beauty up and went away
It's hard to handle and she tries to overcompensate
I think its funny but I don't feel bad 'cause the bitch had it coming
See that's the thing with time
Scores are settled when the karma kicks in down the line
I had to chuckle when I saw her just the other day
She's looking like an old bag in a rag, she's a real Ragamuffin
Yeah, that's right - some fat cat sugar daddy's gonna take her home
Oh yeah - Ragamuffin Girl
She's over at the bar a huffin' and a puffing
She's got a way of making something out of nothing
She's got to party and she ain't afraid to show it
She's a loud and proud Ragamuffin and everybody knows it